MoPack (MOTIF ES) ****updated 16th December 2008***

All these sounds are part of an accumulation of work we did for the Motif ES over a few years. You will find a lot of sounds that DO NOT have any controller routings, or any names (most in WORKSHOP have "INIT PROGRAM" as a name). Some even have the same name but are derivative sounds & ideas of another sound we programmed. Some sounds even end up in other soundsets we have done and many have bugger all programming on them. Many will need to be reworked (as we did when we used them).

All in all, we feel its best that they get an extended life with many ES users.

All the sounds/tutorials/information of the old CUNKA website as well as new ones are packed into MoPack.

$11.00 (Australian Dollars) via download only (3MB zip). for more information

You can download free sounds from us at: Cowzar's MOTIF ES